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Buy Electric Cycles Online from Avon Cycles

Electric cycles are seemingly everywhere. They have slowly penetrated every market and can be seen on the roads, mountains, and hills. They are very comfortable to ride as compared to their traditional counterparts. Interestingly, these electric bicycles can also be pedaled like regular, manual cycles. The only difference is that these electric bicycles are battery-powered, giving you better riding possibilities. 

At Avon Cycles, we have noticed increased sales of electric cycles. To cater to the diverse set of cyclists, these have been designed after assessing our consumer’s requirements. Every cycle here is ergonomically designed, checked, and has an appealing look, making cycles appear smart, easy to ride and very comfortable. The range of electric cycles differs, depending on what you’re looking for. To buy electric cycles which do not compromise on any ground, buy Avon Cycles. Avon Cycles has a wide range of e-bikes online, which come at very affordable prices. These electric cycles or electric bikes come at the best prices, allowing many of India’s population to embrace cycling and seek its benefits. 

Why Choose Avon Cycles for Purchasing Electric Cycles?

In the last 70 years of its existence, Avon Cycles has shaped the cycling industry. Our bicycles like men’s bicyclesLadies Cycles,kids' bicycles and MTB Cycles - every cycle has wooed consumers with its extraordinary riding capabilities. And we at Avon Cycles are proud to satisfy our consumers in every way possible. With such commitment to cycle enthusiasts, it is only evident that Avon’s electric bikes are of unparalleled value and quality. 

Choose From Various Price Ranges Of Electric Cycles

Avon Cycles has electric bicycle prices which are meant for every Indian cyclist. Whether you are looking for electric e-bikes, fat tyre electric bikes, electric street bike, or foldable electric bike, Avon Cycles have hundreds of varied bicycle products available for the new cycling consumer. All our electric bikes are tested to give cyclists long-term benefits and comfort.  

However, Avon also aims to make cycling an inclusive activity by providing cycles between varied price points for the Indian consumer. 

Best Cycles Under 10000: All cyclists or people looking for high-quality bicycles and the best cycles under 10000 can pick your choices from Avon Cycles’ men's bicycles, ladies' and kids’ cycles. 

Best Cycles Under 15000: Avon Cycles are highly preferred for their diverse price range. Our best bicycles under the 15000 range are available for purchase online. These bicycles have superior-quality frames, tyres and great suspension. 

Best Cycles Under 20000: Avon Cycles offers its best collection for cyclists levelling up their skills and stepping up their game. Whether MTB cycles, electric cycles or fat bikes, Avon offers the best cycles under 20000 for professionals and enthusiasts. 

Benefits of Electric Cycles

There are endless benefits of cycling. Electric cycles are a wholesome fit, from having good health, proper sleep and freedom from lifestyle diseases to having a fulfilling time outdoors. They are fast and flexible, cater to a diverse range of cyclists and are more supportive than their traditional counterparts. Electric cycles are designed and manufactured to operate easily, without much physical effort compared to others. They positively impact your fitness, which is only possible due to their sturdy and strong design aesthetics. They do not harm the environment, are a must-have for sustainable and eco-friendly enthusiasts, and are comparatively less tiring compared to the manual ones. 

Searching for the best cycles for men, ladies and kids? Avon has an array of bicycles intelligently designed and manufactured to suit everyone’s requirements. Buy E-Bike Online cycles today! 

Assisted Pedaling: E-bikes provide electric assistance when pedaling, making it easier to ride long distances or tackle hilly terrain. This assistance allows riders to go farther and faster than they might on a traditional bicycle, making cycling accessible to a wider range of people.

Improved Fitness: While e-bikes provide assistance, riders still need to pedal to make them go. This means you can choose the level of assistance, making it possible to get a workout that suits your fitness level and goals. E-bikes can help people build their fitness gradually or assist those who may have physical limitations.

Reduced Commuting Time: E-bikes are an efficient mode of transportation for commuting. They allow riders to travel faster than traditional bicycles, and in many cases, they can bypass traffic congestion, making the commute quicker and more predictable.


  • Are electric cycles worth buying?

Yes. Electric cycles are worth your investment. Unlike the regular cycles, these use motors to run on the track or roads. 

  • Is Avon Cycles A Good Brand?

Yes. Avon Cycles is one of the best bicycle brands in India. They offer a wide variety of bicycles, which range from ladies' cycles, men's bicycles, and MTB bikes to e-bikes and bicycles for every terrain. 

  • Why do people buy e-bikes?

E-bikes help you reach your destination much faster than regular or traditional bicycles. They usually have a motor and a battery and look no different than the regular ones. These are very comfortable to ride on hills, ride longer distances and at the same time, do not tire the cyclists. They are very manageable and do not tire the riders. 

  • Are electric bikes good for health?

Electric bikes do help in keeping you fit and healthy. Any form of biking keeps your mental and physical health intact. 

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