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Buy Ladies Cycle Online From Avon Cycles


Since the beginning of cycling trends in India, Avon Cycles has been a frontrunner with multiple categories of bicycles like men's cycle, ladies' cycle and kids' cycle. We are India’s largest cycle manufacturing company, catering to a broad consumer base across the nation and other parts of the world. 


Under the guidance of Mr Onkar Singh Pahwa, we focus on producing top-quality, high-performance and unique specification products meant to elevate a rider’s experience. These include Avon’s diverse range of bicycles, including roadsters, fat bikes, MTBs, and hybrid bicycles that are also exclusively usage-specific. These bicycles ensure an enhanced riding experience with top-notch specifications and attractive functionalities. 


Cycling is an activity which can be meditative as well as playful and fun. The sport is a loved activity in all states in India and the world. As people shift to an eco-friendly, active and sustainable lifestyle, the need to pick green mobility is also increasing. To fill in the demand, Avon Cycles has specially designed Ladies' Bikes for all age groups. Our collection of Ladies Cycles liberates women, allowing them to experiment using many options and experience cycling like never before. These Avon ladies' Cycles have strong tyres with improved riding systems apt for every terrain and route. They are superb quality bikes that have extensive guarantees. Such unique and close-to-perfect technical specifications make Avon’s Ladies Cycles a worthy buy. 


Order your women’s bikes online from Avon Cycles and kick off your health and fitness plans. You can even send ladies' bicycles or ladies' bikes from Avon to your preferred destinations as gifts or surprises for your loved ones. 


Choose From Avon’s Varied Price Ranges Of Ladies’ Cycle


At Avon Cycles, innovation meets technology. Our manufacturing units deploy the best minds to deliver top-notch bicycles that meet every woman rider's requirements. These cycles have been illustrated, mastered and priced at the most affordable range according to their specification and uses. The MTB bicycles for ladies have excellent traction and stability, making riders drive efficiently in all kinds of weather and rugged terrains. 


Lady Bird Cycles Below 3,000: Select ladybird cycles under 3000 and give wings to your dreams of cycling your path to freedom. 


Ladies Cycle Price Below 4,000: Our ladies' cycle under 4,000 is an impressive range which comes with a superior quality frame and tyres meant to give riders a wholesome experience. 


Ladies Cycle Price Below 7,000:  The ladies' cycle under 7000 are Avon’s topmost and best-selling bicycles for ladies. They are mostly preferred by women who are professional riders and wish to level up their riding experience. 


All Cities Where Avon Delivers Ladies Cycles


Avon Cycles has expanded its reach of bicycles like no other brand in India. Every bicycle is produced and put through rigorous quality testing to ensure responsible manufacturing. These women's bicycles are customized for girls and women of all ages. While some ladies' gear cycles are meant for women professionals, the ladybird cycles are meant for girls under 12. 


Apart from beginner and professional bicycles, Avon Cycles also manufactures e-bikes for ladies, sports cycles for women, ladies gear cycles and more. 


Avon also has a fantastic range of ladies' bike helmets in very attractive designs and prices. To purchase or order cycles online, check out Avon Cycles’ array of bicycle collections. We ensure your cycle delivery takes place faster and quicker than other brands. 


We have an efficient team of professionals who track every order and ensure smooth and quick delivery of your bicycles. We are available in all tier 2 cities like Jaipur, Ludhiana, Kanpur, Lucknow, Jamshedpur, Vadodara, Surat, Vellore, Nagpur, Ghaziabad, Chandigarh, Indore, and Amritsar, where you can access hassle-free booking and receive on-time delivery.


Benefits of Ladies Cycles


Ladies' cycles by Avon are the best in the Indian market. There are many benefits of riding a ladies' cycle. Starting from them, being good for your heart. These ladies' cycles are very good for maintaining your cardiovascular health. Riding one can majorly bring down your chances of gaining cancerous tissues in your body. It increases your immunity and at the same time, going outdoors with your bicycle can increase the amount of Vitamin D in your body. 


In a nutshell, cycling can positively affect your body and improve your health in the coming times.

Lighter Weight: Some women's bicycles are designed with lighter frames and components, making them easier to handle and maneuver. This can be especially beneficial for riders who may have less upper body strength.

Sizing Options: Ladies' cycles are available in a range of sizes to better suit the height and body type of female riders. Proper sizing can contribute to a more comfortable and efficient cycling experience.


Community and Events: Many cycling clubs and events cater to female riders, offering a supportive and inclusive community for women interested in cycling.


Accessibility: The step-through frame design of ladies' cycles makes them more accessible for riders of all ages and physical abilities, including those with mobility limitations.


Versatility: Women's bicycles are available in various styles, including road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes. This means that female riders can choose a bike that suits their intended use, whether it's for commuting, fitness, leisure, or off-road adventures.




What is the price of an Avon 24T ladies cycle?


You will get the Avon 24T ladies' cycles below 10K. It is priced affordably between 8k to 9k. 


Which is the best cycle under 5,000 for adults?


Avon Cycles is the best cycle brand in India to offer bicycles under 5,000 for adults. These bicycles are perfect for all kinds of terrains. Our bicycles are designed keeping the consumer requirements in mind. 


Is cycling healthy for females?


Yes. Cycling is healthy for people of all ages and genders. Whether you are a female or male, there are tons of physical and mental health benefits of cycling. 


Is it good to cycle every day?


Yes. Dedicating a portion of your time to any physical activity, specifically cycling, can have immense benefits. Avon Cycles designs and manufactures bicycles which are appropriate for all kinds of uses - from health to leisure point of view.


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