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History of Pride

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The beginnings were small offering classic example of the enterprising Punjabi spirit. In the early days of the country’s independence post partition in 1947, the legendary Pahwa Brothers dreamt of providing the common man an affordable means of mobility.

They started with a bicycle saddles and brakes manufacturing unit in 1948 and set off on a long and arduous journey.

The quality was excellent, the price was economical and the business dealings ethical. That earned the promoters instant acceptability. Holding such values dear, the Pahwas built trust, brick by brick. The numbers kept growing and in the pioneers’ league, AVON thus remained in the top performer’s position ever since. The promoters’ abiding faith in human values and fairness, likewise built enduring business bonds with a vast network of dealers in India and abroad. High-class technology, consistent quality and effective after-sales service made a perfect proposition.
Over the years the business expanded and it saw the birth of more companies doing various components needed to complete bicycle assembly. The Group grew to own facilities making almost all such parts.

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And to meet their expanding requirement of raw materials, they set up facilities to make their own special purpose steel strips and steel tubes, even Hot Rolled Steel. Today, AVON is the only group anywhere in the world claiming full backward integration – unique position, unmatched and unequalled.
In 1997, the family business was reorganized. Control of the company Avon Cycles Limited, the subject of this profile, exclusively passed to the family of Mr Onkar Singh Pahwa. The organisation combines the simplicity and speed of a family business and the broad-based features of corporate functioning. The former inspires trust and the latter confidence in its ability to perform continually and consistently.

And the marketing strategies: wide choice, updated quality, affordable price, streamlined distribution and an appealing message.