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Avon Cycles Jun, 12 2019


Choosing the right bicycle for your 7 year old With the advent of new and advanced technology, features and models, buying a bike is no more child’s play. There’s so much to consider and research before making the right choice. And since it involves your child, you’d want to ensure you are making an informed decision and consider all types of bicycles. So what are the points to consider if you are buying a bicycle for your 7 year old? First is to consider the size. The size he needs will depend on various factors. While most manufacturers use age and height to create categories under a wheel size, it is actually the inseam height, which is measured from crotch to floor, that determines the best bike size for your child. So do remember that the seat height is the most accurate indicator and not just the tire size, because a cycle with different sized tyres can fit children of different ages differently. The seat height should be set to their inseam, this will allow them to put their foot down easier and be safe. The seat height can be raised once they are taller or more confident about their riding.

The next important factor is the weight of the bike. It has been seen that most kids’ bikes are 50% of their weight, and adult bikes around 20%. According to us, kids’ bikes should be about 40% of their weight. So the ideal bike for any kid would be anything lower than that. So when you are considering all types of bicycles and bicycle brands in India, go for one that is the lightest in your price range. This will make riding more comfortable for your kid. It has been seen that most bicycle manufacturers use lighter material on high-end bikes, but many low end brands offer lighter cycles too, but with smaller frames and without proper safety gear. So it is something to be careful about when choosing the right cycle.

Next is the wheelbase. A longer wheelbase and lower centre of gravity means more stability and better balance for a young rider. The way to see this is by measuring the distance from the seat to the handlebar. A bike with a shorter distance between the two will have a shorter wheelbase. So see that you by a bike with a longer wheel base.

Brakes are the primary safety feature in every bicycle and your child’s safety is paramount. Most high-end bikes use very good brakes but do ensure that the brakes are easy to use. Ensure that the brakes are not hard to reach or activate, and look at it from a kid’s point of view because they have smaller and weaker hands. The best way to test whether the brakes are okay for your kid is to pull the brake lever with your pinky finger.

There are many bicycle brands in India offering all types of bicycles but if you are planning to buy one for your child ensure that you consult the experts at Avon Cycles. Avon Cycles boasts of a legacy of 68 years in the cycle business and offer the widest range to ensure that you get the best for your child.