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Avon Cycles Apr, 05 2021

Brazo 2.3 Bike Review Bicycle for Kids

Chase the clouds, escape the neighbour’s shouts. Break-into fields and taste the victory of stolen treats. Run with the wind and race the drops of rain. Childhood is full of magic when you have the company of a bicycle and friends. Presenting the Cyclux Brazo 2.3 one of the best bicycle for kids.

It comes with 20T tires for children who are full of life and mischief. The attractive colours themselves spell fun and the advanced features ensure safety.

This trendy bike is perfect for children between the age group of 5 to 7 years depending upon the height of course. This Cyclux kids’ model comes with shaped tubes. Now the shaped tube in this frame is important because not only for aesthetics but also for strength and durability.

The front suspension forks allow for shock absorbency while riding and has an attractive colour that completely enhances the aesthetics of wheel.

The shock Bent handle provides for easier reach for the rider, the soft handle grip comes in matching colour, and the grid allows for a better grip, especially provides against slippage during sweating. The end bar prevents your hand during a coalition.

The size of the tire is 20 by 3. Now, these broad tires not only look very aesthetically appealing but also ensure stability and balance while riding. the nylon tires and butyl tire tubes ensure high air retention and thus, reduce the wear and tear of the tires. These tires come with a single wall alloy rim that ensures strength to the bike.

Also, it comes with a full-ball steel hub that provides a smooth writing experience. Racing ahead is important, but what's more important is breaking at the right time. So, this bike comes with an efficient braking system. It has a front disc brake and a rare V break. It also has an alloy lever for efficient braking. The front disc chain wheel with quarter less crank comes with a plastic chain guard.

Now, this chain guard is important because it prevents the clothes of your child from getting stuck in the chain. Also, the Guard ensures the durability of the chain. The plastic pedals come with anti-skid grooves that provide for a better grip and safe riding experience. The cushion Saddle provides for extra comfort. Also, it comes with very interesting graphics and a plastic handle, which overall give it a very, very good visual appeal. The saddle comes with a quick-release lever, now this lever allows you to easily adjust the height of the seat without using any tools and especially beneficial when required to adjust the height of the seat in the middle of your journey. The fenders are very stylishly shaped and have dual-tone, which give them a very high aesthetic appeal. It is made of BBC material and hence very durable.

So, what are you waiting for? Get this bike today and resume your mischievous full swing. Watch the video at YouTube